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GOOD NEWS: 28th August

Hello again, we hope you are safe and well. Here are some updates and information on local projects and groups, and links to support we hope you will enjoy reading and find useful ...


Fleetwood Town Council has approved funding of almost £8,000 towards the Town's beach wheelchair service. The charity behind the idea are hoping to launch in the next few weeks and open their new base on the Promenade. More information is available from the Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs website.

THANK YOU LISA & GEOFF Fleetwood Home Assist is one of the many wonderful groups that has been set up to support the community. Run by Lisa and her father Geoff they coordinated the distribution of donated furniture and household goods to those in need but sadly the group is set to close this month. A huge thank you to Lisa, Geoff and all the volunteers for making a difference.

MAKE TIME TO TALK The charity Papyrus have launched a new guide to help desperate parents who fear for their children’s lives. It offers practical and professional advice to help break the silence around self-harm and suicide and encourage fearful parents to talk to their children before it is too late. The guide can be downloaded from the Papyrus website.

TAKE  A TOUR OF THE PANTRY The new home for Fleetwood Foodbank and the Mustard Seed has been created at the former Fleetwood Hospital, ready for opening. Designed and funded by The Fleetwood Trust the new facility will be operated by Faith in the Community. For a look behind the scenes ahead of opening see the video on the Trust's website.

MORE ALLEY PROJECTS GOING LIVE Wyre Council is extending their community initiative to brighten up the Town's alleyways. After a successful launch the next phase begins on September 1st. For more information contact or join the Fleetwood Love Your Alley group on Facebook.

Until the next time, take care and stay safe.



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