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Before the start of the COVID-19 emergency, Fleetwood had an extensive, vibrant network of organisations, groups and events connecting residents to each other and the wider community ... and it will again!

Lockdown has meant the suspension of many of these activities but the Fleetwood community is resillient and continues to find ways to support each other. We will keep this page updated with with information and contact details during the coming months so please keep checking in!

Fleetwood Wellbeing Way

Created and maintained by local residents this is a designated route along the Esplanade marked by a series of challenges based on the Five Ways of Wellbeing.


Walk, cycle or wheel between the site of the old Pier and the Sea Cadet base to build up resilience, boost wellbeing and improve your mental and physical health. There's also a very busy Facebook page with more challenges and links.

> Fleetwood Wellbeing Way on Facebook 


Jars of Joy

This lovely group is for people to share and celebrate the joys in our everyday life!

Fleetwood residents Karen and Margaret have embraced the global concept of 'jars of joy' through their own creations and by raising the spirits of others with their regular on-line conversations and sing-alongs.

> Jars of Joy on Facebook 

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Harmony & Health Singers

If any group summed up the 'spirit of a Healthier Fleetwood' it's Harmony & Health - a group for people to enjoy good times, good company, and the benefits of singing too!


In better times there were 4 sessions a week including the original based in Fleetwood, during the Pandemic the group meet on-line. A few minutes with the Harmony & Health singers and it's impossible not to smile at the tremendous sense of happiness the group creates.


> Harmony & Health Singers on Facebook

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Healthier Fleetwood is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the physical and mental health of the Town's residents by connecting them to each other, services and voluntary groups in the community. As an individual's confidence grows they take more control of their own wellbeing and an active role in the decisions that affect them. We are independent of but work in close partnership with the many organisations supporting the community.

Contact us by email:

Answerphone: 07399 093835

(We will return your call as soon as possible but this is not a 24 hour service)