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What is social prescribing and how can it help you?

Social Prescribing is using the network of community groups, activities and events provided by the public, private and voluntary sectors to improve the wellbeing of individuals, families and neighbourhoods.

Fleetwood is fortunate to have a wide range of opportunities for people to socialise and exercise, to try something new, indoors and out - the town's open spaces and coastal location provide a great environment to enjoy the fresh air and the views, combatting the effects of isolation. This was a huge asset during the COVID pandemic and in the period of recovery since.

Healthier Fleetwood worked with community partners to create a social prescribing pathway.

The town's three GP surgeries are supported by social prescribing link workers from the Fleetwood Primary Care Network who can direct residents to the activities best suited to their interests and personal goals.


They will meet you somewhere you feel comfortable like a cafe or the Healthier Fleetwood Centre, or chat by phone, listen to what you want to achieve and advise you of what's available in the community. As you are introduced to groups, the link-workers will keep in touch and continue to offer their help.

> Ask your GP about Social Prescribing, email the link workers here or CONTACT US at Healthier Fleetwood and we can put you in touch.

Watch Linda's Story ... a Fleetwood resident shares her experience of social prescribing.

Linda was left isolated after losing her husband. Wendy, her Social Prescribing Link Worker, helped her join an amazing walking group led by Fleetwood Town Community Trust that has given her a sense of community and belonging.

She said: “This group has made a big difference not just to me, but to everybody... It’s changed my life.”

> Watch Linda's video and links to many more positive stories from around the Country on the National Academy for Social Prescribing website here.

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