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Have you heard of Beach Wheelchairs? These amazing, adapted chairs allow people to enjoy the coast and the sea in a way many of us take for granted.

There are a few places around the UK with the chairs, one of the most successful projects is in North Berwick near Edinburgh as pictured. Fleetwood Rotary, Wyre Council, Fleetwood Town Council and Healthier Fleetwood are supporting a new group to bring some of these chairs to Fleetwood for residents and visitors to use.

You can find out more on the Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs website

We've made a good start and now's the time to share the progress so far and recruit more volunteers and partners to help make this happen.

We are holding a public meeting to explain more on Tuesday 26th June, 7pm at the Mount Hotel, Promenade. Please come along and support this idea which will help many people and is also a great example of Fleetwood working together.


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