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Last week I had the privilege of attending the launch of the Wyre Moving More Strategy at the Parkside Suite, Highbury Stadium.

Now you may ask what is Wyre Moving More? It is Wyre Councils 5-year plan to get people moving a bit more than they currently do, by making small pledges to at least try some kind of new activity.

I was in the room with some amazing people, which included many people already known to us at Healthier Fleetwood, we were treated to a performance from LPM Dance Fusion who Sunny and I reported on last week. We watched some videos and heard testimonies from some of Jules Brookes’ clients as well as many others.

I managed to get a few words about the Wyre Moving More strategy from Rebecca Huddlestone, Chief Executive of Wyre Council who said it is all about partnerships, although being led and facilitated by Wyre Council. The strategy is mainly about addressing the inactivity across all ages and communities in Wyre as it is a health issue for many but there are so many benefits just by slightly increasing our own exercise levels, it isn’t about being at the gym all the time but hearing about initiatives that are already ongoing across the borough of Wyre.

I also got to speak with Bethan Mcdonagh, Senior Communications Officer at Wyre Council, she was saying that Wyre Moving More is about including everyone within the community and launching it to people that will hopefully help promote it to people they meet across the Borough over the next few years, by showcasing how just a small increase in activity can make a difference to a persons health in a variety of ways. Today was about making a pledge to try a different activity. Bethan and her daughter have recently taken up roller skating, other members of staff have also made pledges to increase their personal activity, they all admitted they could do more than they’re currently doing.

Sadly, for me it wasn’t an event that Sunny was able to attend, I am sure he would have loved to have shown everyone just what he does do for activity. The event was well attended, it seems to me to be a good strategy to hopefully help people increase their weekly level of exercise, there were various different organisations in attendance.

I will say that I personally feel that the idea of this is good, but I’ll have to wait and see what is going to happen to move the strategy forward and hopefully it isn’t something that is launched with absolutely nothing happening in the future. I also wonder if over the summer, there are activities that will be laid on from free, to help those families that are on a low income, like the ones that were around when I was younger. In the summer we had play schemes that offered very cheap days out to many different places, or they provided various sporting activities on the local park for the afternoon that were totally free and got lots of people exercising whilst making friends and having lots of fun at the same time.

- Reece & Sunny, June 2024


Read more about the WYRE MOVING MORE strategy on the Wyre Council website here and follow all the partners social media for new and updates



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