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Rehabilitation and Debilitating Illness Exercise Class ...

This is a gentle exercise class for people with various health conditions that impacts on people’s lives, ranging from anxiety to strokes to physical disabilities. The class has been set up in such a way that it enables everyone to adapt a fitness programme to suit their individual needs and abilities.

The group is run by Jules Brookes from Fitness 50 supported by Fleetwood Town Community Trust. Jules noticed a gap in the market, she saw that there weren’t any exercise classes available to people who required cancer rehabilitation exercise, although the information given to people with the condition is to exercise as much as possible. The group grew so much that the class had to split which has enabled Jules to do a specific Cancer Exercise Class on a Thursday with this class on a Monday being designed more for Debilitating & Rehabilitating conditions.

Jules has been working with the Community Trust for a while now, which is why the cost of the class is FREE. The exercises within the group are easy to do, it’s about people exercising to the best of their own ability without feeling pressured into thinking they should be doing more.

Jules is a highly qualified Personal Trainer with a passion for exercise and helping the local community. She gets immense joy from running these classes and watching the attendees improve their health and movement on a weekly basis. The hardest class is always the first one, but you can actually see how people improve not just their physical health but also their mental wellbeing by attending these classes.

Michelle has been attending the class for around four months, she had been suffering since being diagnosed with cancer. The exercise class has helped her improve her physical strength and her mental health as well.

Jim, who has C.O.P.D has attended the class since January, he has found that the class has helped him to get out of the house and freely admits it’s better than doing nothing. Karen comes to the class to support Jim and says she gets enough exercise running after him, but Karen has found she enjoys meeting up and chatting with different people.

Sunny and I went into the Monday class not knowing what to expect, I’m not exactly in my athletically prime anymore but we found the class relatively easy as it is designed for all abilities. I must admit Sunny put me to shame with all his hyper-jumping and running about, it did feel good to be doing the exercises and chatting with people as we went around the room from exercise to exercise. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was meant to be doing at times but Jules was on hand to show me what needed to be done without making me feel uncomfortable or an inconvenience to her. Which to me showed how good she was with everyone, we all had smiles on our faces as we worked our way around the routines, or at least they looked like smiles.

It was a pleasure for Sunny and I to attend and partake in this class, especially Sunny who was showing everyone how to stretch out properly although none of us could get down as low as he did. It’s fair to say I was slightly achey the next day as I was using muscles I haven’t used for a while now.

- Reece & Sunny, June 2024


Rehabilitation and Debilitating Illness Exercise Class is held weekly at Fleetwood Methodist Church on Monday’s at 1pm is FREE and available to anyone who wishes to attend.

For more information on all the classes with Fitness 50 please see the Facebook page here and for the full range of health & wellbeing activities from Fleetwood Town Community Trust - see their website here.



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