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Our chair of residents Pauline thanked everyone for attending and Emmanuel Mount Church for their support and hospitality.

She introduced Brian who updated us on the Linda Eaton Arts & Crafts Awards. The theme is ‘The Time of Your Life’, there are several categories and the presentation night is in October. We have copies of the entry form at the Healthier Fleetwood Information Centre.

Kate from Wyre Council highlighted the card-making sessions at Fleetwood Library and the opportunity to get involved as a volunteer. The latest addition to the healthy activities is Sofa to Saddle, a structured 9-week course taking you from a novice to a confident cyclist.

Helen has set up Fleetwood’s first Camerados ‘public living room’. She welcomes other local residents to join her at Healthier Fleetwood, Lord Street on Tuesday mornings 10.30am to noon for some crafts, games and conversation, with a brew and biscuits. It’s only week two but news of the Fleetwood group has already made the Camerados national magazine!

Mark has joined Healthier Fleetwood as a volunteer, offering his extensive experience of business development, policies and funding to support grassroots groups. He will also add some cover to the team for the Information Centre.

> Contact Mark via email:

Helen from LPM Dance had exciting news about the Fleetwood Moves Festival in August, Memorial Park, Fleetwood. There’s opportunities to get involved as a dancer or a volunteer and in particular they are recruiting new members for the Fusion group which meets on Thursdays at Barbara Jackson studios in Farmer Parrs. They will be rehearsing a new piece especially for performance at the festival.

Helen also asked if anyone could provide chairs and fencing/barriers for the event.

Reece was looking forward to the Volunteer Recruitment Day at Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs - this was held on Thursday 6th June however volunteers can still get in touch.

He was also going to join the Rehab Exercise Class with Jules from Fitness 50 for his latest Roving Report … along with Sunny of course!

The KCA cancer support group is doing very well. Set up by Lesley they meet on Thursdays, 10am to noon at Trinity Baptist Church, Dronsfield Road. Guest speakers often attend, all welcome. The group are also planning a fundraising event for 25th August and other local groups are invited – more details will be shared soon.

Mandy and her fellow volunteers from Behind Closed Doors help women and families affected by domestic violence. It’s challenging but very rewarding. She thanked the Blue Light & Bimble group for a donation following their fundraiser and they continue to work towards creating a hub where they can offer more services. They also won a Centre of Excellence Award since the last meeting, recognising the level of support they offer.

Paul came along to say hello and meet some of the grassroots groups and local residents. He said how much he enjoyed reading the weekly Good News bulletins and that Fleetwood was envied by other places for its community spirit.

Susan works for Home Instead who support people to remain independent, in their own homes and work alongside families and carers. The company is looking to work closely with community groups Susan has been to several drop-in events at Healthier Fleetwood.

Emmanuel Mount Church offers great support to individuals when they join the community, often from very challenging and sometimes life-threatening backgrounds. John and his colleagues will be hosting a Feast for the Nations on the afternoon of Saturday 22nd June – a free meal encompassing different foods and cultures. It will also be a chance to meet, chat, swap experiences and make new friends. All welcome and offers to cook meals are greatly appreciated.

> Contact John by email to or we can put you in touch.

Pat told us that the Young@Heart group in Fleetwood Library, Tuesday mornings 10am to noon is very popular and she invited Reece & Sunny to join them for a Roving Report soon. She also enjoys helping the Social Prescribers for the Bereavement group, every other week at the Health & Wellbeing Centre, Dock Street.


Susan said attendance at the Wyre Flounders adult swimming group does vary and they always welcome new members and funding ideas. Mark mentioned that officers at Wyre Council now have access to the Grantfinder directory – please email 

It was mentioned that the Boathouse Youth Charity will be opening their new facility soon, as will the Youth Hub in the former Fleetwood hospital.

Pauline and David ran through the upcoming events for the D-Day 80th Anniversary weekend before local resident Anne read her poem paying tribute to those who fought and died - see below.

The evening closed with a brew and more conversations. The next Healthier Fleetwood Open Meeting in on Wednesday 3rd July, 6.30pm at Emmanuel Mount Church, Mount Road – all welcome!

D Day, 6th June 1944

The Allies landed upon the Normandy beaches en-masse like a beached whale upon the sand.

Decibels of noise beyond recording from rifle, explosion, artillery fire aircraft overhead.

Cranking of the tanks caterpillar tracks creeping from the enemy.

Gouging deep furrows through the sheer number of soldiers.

Their facial expression portraying their focus on winning the day.

Onward upward pushing forward never looking back.

Watching their pals fall, mourning them all.

Saving the grief for a later time.

Dodging areas where there might be land mines.

Much slaughter and blood shed but they made it through.

The enemy defeated the main force depleted.

Silence, an unearthly calm ensued.

So many wounded dead and dying.

Everywhere brave soldiers from both sides lying.

Empty victory ... where was the glory in all now?

The only course of action was rescue but where from?

How would they get home?

Behind and on three sides … sand and doom.

In front of them the grey unforgiving sea could that really be their destiny? 

  • Anne Ward (June 2024)



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