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GOOD NEWS - December 23rd

So it's almost Christmas and although it may not be exactly the way we'd want, it's still a chance to spend time with loved ones and raise our spirits.

We give our thanks to the many NHS staff and key workers from all sectors who will continue to keep us safe and provided for over the holiday period, and hope that they can find time to relax and celebrate too.

As the New Year approaches and quite possibly colder weather, there is some extra help available for residents with their energy bills this winter.

Residents who are struggling to pay their gas and/or electricity bills and are on a low income can apply for help from Wyre Council's Household Support Fund.

Applications for the support are now open and will be processed in order of the date they are received.

Additional support is also available for food from the wonderful Fleetwood Together.

Email to get in touch.

As we mentioned last week, many groups and events are hoping to continue in January but we wait to hear announcements over the next few days.

Fleetwood Town's program of community events has closed for the holidays but they have a great initiative planned for the New Year ...

A 12 -week Lifestyle Management course will offer support with weight loss, diet and nutrition and managing your goals.

The course will take place at Fleetwood Town's Highbury Stadium in partnership with Fortitude Fitness.

Places are limited and must be reserved. Email

> Visit the Community Trust's website after the festive break to find out more about the many ways they support residents of all ages through a variety of activities for healthy minds and bodies - they do offer a lot more than just the chance to play football!

And if one of your goals is to stop smoking look out for the support available from the Lancashire Quit Squad.

Adele and Dan joined us at our Wellbeing & Community Information Centre this week to chat with shoppers and the Quit Squad will be launching a new campaign next week to help people go smoke-free in 2022 and beyond.

Our centre at Affinity is closed now for the holidays - all being well, we plan to open again on Tuesday 4th January.

Thankyou very much to all our visitors over the last 7 months or so, the many partner organisation who have joined us to share their work and especially to the brilliant team at Affinity who have been so supportive and looked after us.

We also extend our best wishes to all the traders at Affinity in these tough times, they've all been so friendly. If we may pick out a couple ... Katie's Cafe for their terrific support of our Macmillan event in September and our neighbours The Sweet Emporium for lending us a Christmas Tree - from the laughter coming through the adjoining wall, they sound like great fun!

If you do call in and see us in the weeks ahead, pick up a copy (or a few) of our 2022 calendars which also has spaces for you to set and achieve your personal goals.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year ...

... until the next time, take care.

P.S. Our next edition 'Good News' will be sent on Thursday 6th January 2022.



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