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Advent Calendar Day 9

Time to thank another fantastic voluntary groups in the community … Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs.

Since the late Summer of 2020 the charity has been helping individuals and their families access the beach and spend time together having fun, something most of us would take for granted.

They have 10 specially designed chairs and a range of accessories to make the experience as enjoyable and smooth as possible, reflected in the feedback …

“You certainly made our day last week. I have waited 14 years to get my adult son on a beach, even on the way to Fleetwood I thought in my mind it would not happen for some reason but it did happen. I must point out the very friendly supportive staff who work voluntary, you are amazing and your making dreams happen, be proud.”

“My son had a wonderful time and loved being in the sea watching and listening to the waves”

“First time Alex has been in the sea he loved it!”

The service has also been recognised with a number of awards and certificates including the recent Wyre Council Business Awards, and is always looking to move forward and offer even more support.

During the Summer, the Wheelbase premises at Central Beach is covered by volunteers for walk-ins - in the Winter months, the service is open by appointment only and volunteers are always happy to meet visitors to hand over the chairs and run through what’s involved ... offers to be a volunteer are also welcome!

Telephone Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs on 0300 011 1003, see their website at or contact them through the Facebook page.

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers for making a difference and helping others to make memories that will last a lifetime.



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