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Advent Calendar ... Day 8

Fleetwood Promenade parkrun has been a fantastic, community-led event, boosting both physical health and self-confidence. Up to 100 people regularly take part in the 5km, timed run (or walk) from Marine Hall to Rossall Tower and back, Saturday mornings at 9am.

People travel from across the County and often further afield to enjoy the Fleetwood event, the 'roll call' at the start always throws up a few surprises!

Times vary from the enthusiastic runners who come home in under 20 minutes, the majority who are happy to beat their personal best whatever that may, and the first-timers who get just as much pleasure from finishing the course.

Run, walk, push a buggy, with family, friends and the dog (on a lead) ... all are welcome and all can enjoy the park run.

Looking back, Healthier Fleetwood was one of the organisations that met in June 2017 to support Wyre Council with the idea of a park run, the local authority taking responsibility for the route and much of the logistics in the early days.

Although the weather has disrupted a couple of events recently, the park run takes place rain or shine, all year round and that's now down to the dedicated band of volunteers who turn out as marshals and time-keepers.

Whether you take part as a ‘runner’ or a volunteer, there’s a feeling of pride about being involved and a real community spirit during the events.

To find out more about park run uk events, registration and volunteering opportunities visit and follow the social media pages.



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