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Advent Calendar ... Day 7

Fleetwood mother and daughter, Margaret and Karen, have a mission … to see a million ‘jars of joy’ around the World.

A jar of joy can be decorated and filled with anything that makes you smile and conjures up happy memories. It will be something different for everyone and the ladies have been out and about recently hosting a series of workshops across the Town to help local residents create the jars, including supporting the Fleetwood Christmas lantern parade.

Alongside this, Margaret or as she's now better known, ‘Sparkly Margaret’, and Karen share daily messages of positivity on their Twitter and Facebook pages, with thousands of followers enjoying their thoughts and words.

You can also find out more and get involved by visiting their website.

Included in the Fleetwood Museum exhibition ‘This Lass Can’, often on the local radio (usually singing) and regular contributors to forums and events in the UK and even around the World, they are great ambassadors for the Fleetwood community.

So how are they getting on with their challenge of a million jars of joy … well they’re not there just yet but we wouldn’t bet against them!



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