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Advent Calendar Day 3

Mid morning, and just about now, the Fleetwood Promenade parkrun will be winding down after welcoming dozens of runners and walkers.

The event takes place every Saturday morning, starting at 9am from close to Marine Hall, out towards Rossall Observation Tower and back. It's 5km, 25 - 30 minutes at a jog and under an hour at walking pace.

On Day 3 of our Advent Calendar we focus on the volunteers who make the event possible by turning out in all weathers as race officials, marshals, time-keepers and more, on the day and behind the scenes. There's a lovely sense of community from volunteering, seeing those take part cross the finish line with a mixture of relief and pride on their faces!

If you can spare about an hour and a half, even just once a month to help out at the parkrun, your support will be appreciated, and you'll really enjoy it too.

Thank you to all the volunteers at Fleetwood Promenade parkrun.



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