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Advent Calendar ... Day 18

On Day 18 of our #adventcalendar we focus on another individual who has helped bring people together in these difficult times... Fran Shaw of Friendlier Fleetwood (pictured here, 3rd from right)

Having established the Fleetwood group just prior to the pandemic, Fran, supported by husband Derek, friends Mo, Pat and others has worked hard to keep everyone connected.

In the Summer the group met outdoors using the open spaces of the Promenade and seafront, and the nearby cafes.

More recently they have returned to indoor gatherings, twice weekly at the Senior Citizens Association Hall and for lunches and social events around the Town.

Of course there may be some changes to come but Fran has always put the safety of her friends and fellow members first, ensuring that the hygiene and social distancing measures are observed.

But despite all the challenges Fran's bubbly personality shines through. A regular supporter of Healthier Fleetwood meetings and events, her no-nonsense comments and ideas have led to several projects we'll be looking at in the future.

Local residents like Fran and her friends are the heartbeat of our community, thank you for making a difference.



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