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There were so many lovely comments on the post yesterday, adding Pat Chappels to our Advent Calendar, many of them from members of Harmony & Health ... and we couldn't celebrate the amazing individuals and local groups in our community without including these wonderful folks.

Harmony & Health was formed around the same time that Healthier Fleetwood was getting started, and they have always been great advocates of how trying something new, making friends and having fun improves your wellbeing.

The group is for adults of all ages and it's not about how well you can sing, it's about singing for the joy it brings.

There's two weekly sessions - both on Tuesdays, supported by the venue teams at Marine Hall and Thornton Little Theatre. In the Summer months the group love to get out and about whether it be in the Gardens at Marine Hall, at Affinity Lancashire Outlet Shopping or at community events.

At this time of year they are in demand to bring their special magic to care homes and Christmas fairs, and they regularly support charity fundraising concerts. Next week they will be enjoying their own Christmas party - we look forward to seeing the photos and videos!

The driving force behind the group is Shirley and her team of volunteers encouraging people to come along, sorting out songbooks and making sure nobody is left out.

To find out more about Harmony & Health ... see the Facebook page at or give Shirley a call on 07940 030925.



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