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This dance class is co-led by Helen Gould MBE and her colleague Coz, the class is for anyone with a desire to dance, they are a group of dancers who attend with their Support Workers. The class really is designed for all, even I managed to partake in my wheelchair with Sunny sat on my lap.

Helen and Coz are very friendly and welcome anyone who wants to join them in the freedom of moving to music. The main thing about this class is that everyone is having such a good time, they don’t notice that they are actually exercising as well. The participants are encouraged to share their own ideas about how they’d like to dance, meaning everyone gets the chance to have their say about the final dance routine/production.

Many of the group had very little confidence when they attended their first session but now they’re performing in public. Later this week they’re performing at Wyre Moving More in the Parkside Suite at Highbury Stadium, as well as performing at the Fleetwood Moves Festival on Saturday 3rd August 2024.

Helen has been a dancer since childhood working on many shows and cruise ships. When she moved to the North, she worked for an all-inclusive dance organisation that went into places that ranged from Early Years settings to Care Homes, this in turn gave her the passion and desire to make dance accessible to everyone. Helen firmly believes that dance is a fantastic activity that makes everyone feel good about themselves and a wonderful way to make friends.

Amy, one of the Dance Fusion dancers, describes the class as brilliant and fun, she has made many friends and really loves performing.

Nicola, a Support Worker, enjoys everything about Dance Fusion, it is perfect for people who have limited abilities, in fact it’s great fun for everyone.

Sunny and I attended this class with a little bit of anxiety, to say the least. I’m not afraid to admit that dancing isn’t something I ever imagined doing especially being a wheelchair user. Sunny, however, seemed to really enjoy showing off his athletic prowess, jumping around and displaying his stylish swagger.

I really shouldn’t have worried though, Helen, Coz and the other dancers soon made me feel very comfortable, they had me laughing and smiling along with everyone else and had me throwing some shapes whilst everyone warmed up to Dancing Queen by ABBA. We then moved around the floor in various different ways from slow to quick and as low as possible to as high as possible. Sunny and I got to join in with the routine they’ll be performing this week. All I can say is that their audience will get to see an amazing performance by a group of amazing people that really love to dance.

Sunny and I would like to congratulate Helen on being awarded an MBE for her charitable service. We would also like to thank everyone at Dance Fusion for making us feel so welcome within their group and for giving my body a much-needed workout with lots of fun and laughter.

- Reece & Sunny, June 2024


LPM Dance Fusion is an inclusive class held every Thursday, 11am to 12noon in the Barbara Jackson Studio at Farmer Parrs, Fleetwood Road, Fleetwood FY& 8JP. There is a fee of £3.50 per session.

Follow the Facebook page or visit the LPM Dance website for more information

The Fleetwood Moves Festival is on Saturday 3rd August, 10am to 6pm in Memorial Park, Fleetwood. Fully inclusive, suitable for all ages and completely free! Expect mesmerising performances, and creative, eclectic workshops. Bring a picnic!

See the links above for more details of the FLEETWOOD MOVES FESTIVAL



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