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REECE & SUNNY'S ROVING REPORTS - #KCA cancer support group

KCA is a cancer support group with the initials standing for Kicking Cancer Away.

The group is co-ordinated by Lesley, herself a cancer survivor, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October 2021, which caused a major upheaval for not just Lesley but also her family, as they supported her throughout her treatment. Lesley describes her time going through treatment as feeling as though she was standing on a ledge with nobody really around to save her or being on a rollercoaster that you just can’t get off.

Lesley found her life became a routine of hospitals, doctors, needles, injections and operations on what seemed to be a never-ending cycle that could easily have overtaken her, if she’d chosen to let it but Lesley wasn’t prepared to let that happen. It took her a long time to see that she wasn’t alone in this battle with Lesley wanting to let others see that they weren’t alone either.

Lesley found there was a lot of information out there about cancer itself but very little information about what to do if you’re a cancer survivor, she did a lot of research which in turn gave her the idea for a cancer support group especially as there are so many other people in a similar position not knowing what help is available to them.

Lesley found some of her friends ‘ghosted’ her, not because they were being horrible but more because they didn’t know how to cope with her diagnosis. A lot of people empathise with someone who has cancer, but it is completely different having cancer and needing to go through the various treatments.

The group is there to offer people advice and support, to steer them in the right direction of services that are available and give tips, based on personal experiences of how to deal with the side effects of treatments as well as offering support to the families of those who are currently helping someone who is going through the various treatments.

Julie, also diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021, helped Lesley get the group started without knowing how it would go or which direction it would take them both in. Julie has found the group to be a valuable chance to talk about the things she was experiencing when she found it difficult to talk to her family for fear of upsetting them. In Lesley, Julie found a kindred spirit, they were going through the same experiences together.

Another person KCA has helped is Janet, who discovered the group after visiting the Healthier Fleetwood office on Lord Street. Janet found she didn’t have any support, refusing help from other places because she thought by accepting it, it meant she was closer to dying, by not accepting their help Janet firmly believed it would help her to keep going and not give up so easily. Janet loves going to #KCA finding it to be a friendly and fun group and has not missed a meeting since she started going. One of the main reasons Janet enjoys the group being that she feels ‘normal’ with everyone in a similar position, she doesn’t feel alone like you can at home, there’s always someone on hand to share tips and experiences. The group has helped Janet get the support she really needed from other organisations.

Sunny and I found this remarkable group of people so very humbling, with each and every one of them having gone through so many different battles, yet all with the same drive and determination to enjoy life as much as possible and having the desire to help others do the same. We found everyone in the group to be such an inspiration. Sunny thoroughly enjoyed being passed around for cuddles as I listened intently to the stories being told by the group members and hearing the groups plans for the future and what their ambitions are.

KCA is an amazing group of cancer survivors, with a passion to help as many people as possible within the local community. If you know someone with cancer that may benefit from attending such a wonderful group, please pass the groups details on for them to get in touch.

- Reece & Sunny, June 2024


KCA meet at Trinity Baptist Church, Dronsfield Road, Fleetwood FY7 7LB on Thursdays, 10am to 12 noon

For more information, they have a Facebook group or call Lesley on 07918 453167 (not a 24 hour service).

The group is holding with a fundraising event at The Queens Hotel, Beach Road on Sunday 25th August between 1pm and 5pm with tombolas, raffles, auctions, music bingo, inflatables. Food will also be available.



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