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Plans unveiled for urban park in Fleetwood

Wyre Council is holding a consultation on proposed plans to build an urban park on Custom House Lane in Fleetwood. The consultation will be open online from Thursday 20 May until Sunday 6 June, as well as plans available to view in person at Fleetwood Market on Tuesday 25 May.

The plans, designed by Landscape Projects, outline the creation of a ‘Custom House Square’ on the area of Custom House Car Park which overlooks Fleetwood Market on Victoria Street. It is hoped that the space will bring a breath of fresh air to the area, with new lighting, seating, additional street trees and planting, along with room to hold occasional small events.

The designs look to keep the existing trees and the same number of accessible car-parking spaces.

The project is being made possible by Historic England’s Heritage Action Zone scheme which looks to fuel economic, social and cultural recovery to a select number of high streets in the country. The scheme supports projects that will transform disused and dilapidated buildings into homes, shops, work places and community spaces.

The new square will complement work to enhance the area and attract shoppers to the market and the new outdoor market area. In the future, Fleetwood Museum visitors using the car park will also be encouraged to use the square as a route from which to access a proposed new entrance off Custom House Lane.

The square will also complement work to improve historic buildings in the area and help draw residents and visitors to the town.

Residents are invited to return comments about the proposals online at from Thursday 20 May until Sunday 6 June, and to visit the drop-in event with the designers on Tuesday 25 May at Fleetwood Market (outdoor area).

Feedback from the consultation period will be considered when detailed designs are developed and a follow-up exercise is planned for summer 2021 in advance of construction this winter.

You can view the plans online by visiting, or at Fleetwood Market at the outdoor kiosks on Tuesday 25 May.



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