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GOOD NEWS - March 3rd

While we always try to take a positive view and share the Good News from Fleetwood, it’s impossible not to be concerned about World events and the local community is stepping up to support those in need many miles away …

Fleetwood Rotary and Affinity Lancashire has organised a collection for items to help Ukranian refugees.

Donations are welcome of toiletries, sleeping bags, cooking pots and pans, bedding and dried food with at least 1 year best before date. The collection point and times are the vacant unit at Affinity next to Klass, on Saturday and Sunday 5th/6th March, 11am - 3pm. The items will be delivered by International Aid Trust.

It's another great initiative from Rotary who undertake this sort of work all year round for a number of good causes. Flakefleet School is taking in donations of children’s clothes and toys to add to the collection. These can be taken to the Affinity unit or contact the school for information of how you can contribute.

There will be many other great ideas out there - The Tram Weigh in Fleetwood is also taking donations working with the Lions Clubs.

Thank you to everyone who is doing what they can to help. Your support will be greatly appreciated in these most difficult times for those affected by the conflict.

It was another wonderful Healthier Fleetwood Open Meeting at Emmanuel at The Mount yesterday evening.

It would take several newsletters to share everything but among the inspiring individuals and groups we heard from …

Margaret Lund updated on the plans for Fleetwood’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Saturday 4th June in Marine Hall Gardens.

The theme is a ‘family picnic’ with loads of live entertainment and fun activities. Local schools and Fleetwood Museum are among those already involved, there’s going to be a scarecrow festival, assault course and much more at the event funded by Fleetwood Town Council.

Ideas and offers of support are very welcome and the next planning meeting is on Wednesday 9th March, 7.30pm at the North Euston - all welcome. Contact Margaret on 07768 547246 for information.

Liz Loftus shared some great news about the fundraising in Fleetwood last year for suicide awareness.

There are now two ‘Hope Benches’ on the Esplanade and Promenade - one is by the boating lake, one by The Passing statue close to the Lower Lighthouse. These are in memory of loved ones, sadly lost to suicide and a place of hope for those who want to sit and take comfort, perhaps even hear a kind word from somebody.

As a mental health practitioner, Liz has professional and personal experience of losing a loved one and is also working within the Fleetwood Primary Care team to deliver specialist training and support in the community.

Fleetwood’s Social Prescribers are holding a FREE coffee morning, Thursday 10th March, 10am - 12 noon, Emmanuel at the Mount.

All welcome to come along for a chat and a brew, hear about their work supporting local residents and also meet some of the other partners active in the community.

Following some questions raised by residents Healthier Fleetwood invited Blackpool Transport to attend the meeting and update on their services.

Our thanks to Vicky and Elly for coming along, dispelling a few rumours and for taking the time to talk and listen on local transport issues, a great example of engaging with the community.

We’ll be keeping in touch with Blackpool Transport, sharing information that affects Fleetwood and passing on feedback.

Also present were Molly and Scott of Fleetwood’s Neighbourhood Policing Team.

They were delighted to hear about all the good things happening in the Town, how they can work with the community and look forward to returning.

If there are any other organisations or groups you’d like us to invite to future meetings, please do let us know.

With apologies for the brevity (and anyone we've missed out) we also heard from …

Local resident PJ shared his personal journey from a life of crime to wanting to make a difference to the next generation.

Jane invited volunteers to join her and the Wyre-based team at the expanding programme of events hosted by The Bay: A Blueprint for Recovery.

Shirley said how Harmony & Health was continuing to make a huge difference to the wellbeing of those attending.

Peter’s passion is tennis and as captain of the Moorlands Club in Poulton he’s working on plans for taster and wellbeing sessions in Fleetwood.

The Freshers Young Onset Cafes group is support young people with dementia and they have a base in Fleetwood.

Victoria from Fleetwood Wellbeing Way said their new 'science' challenges had been supported by Jess Symons who has just finished a residency at The Mount.

Phil is looking to start a group for people with mental health challenges to connect, receive support and start up businesses.

Andrea from Lancashire County Council is coordinating initiatives to improve nursery attendance and improve early-age health and wellbeing. See Facebook for more.

Our thanks as always to local resident Pauline Kennedy who hosted the meeting in her usual relaxed and welcoming manner, and to everyone at Emmanuel for their hospitality.

The next Open Meeting is on Wednesday 6th April - you can expect a fantastic evening, full of enthusiasm and positivity. We look forward to seeing you.

A reminder of our Wellbeing & Community Information Centre at Affinity Lancashire.

We get some lovely visitors and never know what we’re going to be asked but whether it’s finding out about the many ways to support your health or just for directions you are very welcome.

On Friday 4th March (and every first Friday of the month) we host Wyre Council’s ‘Just Reminiscing’.

This is a fascinating collection of artefacts and memorabilia designed to spark memories and start conversations. Please do drop in between 11am and 1pm for a chat with the friendly team and see the collection.

Until the next time, take care.



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