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GOOD NEWS: 18th September

Thank you to the many individuals, groups and organisations who are continuing to find ways to support the Fleetwood community as the social distancing regulations and procedures change so rapidly.

The new 'rule of 6' has meant a rethink for everyone but we know plans are in place for many activities to go ahead, safely and responsibly, so residents can still enjoy the huge benefit of meeting and conversation.

A reminder that Fleetwood Library is open, welcoming residents to call in and browse the books, pre-order or use the public computers.

COVID-19 procedures are in place and at busy times you might have to queue but there's no need to make an appointment.

The 'six of the best' service also allows you to arrange a collection time for a bag of up to 6 books which the library staff will select for you If you need access to the internet, the library's computers are also now available to use. All the information you need about opening hours and services is available on the Lancashire County Council website

Fleetwood Market has also been open again for some time and is continuing to develop new ideas to welcome shoppers.

Work is nearly complete on the newly renovated outdoor market thanks to the funding that was secured by the Coastal Communities Fund. 

Wyre Council are now on the search for potential traders to offer fish, bread, meats, cakes, plants, etc. alongside the existing fruit and veg unit. For more information and to express interest go to the Wyre Council website for an application form or call the Market direct on 01253 887651.

Earlier this year Healthier Fleetwood exchanged some lovely messages with the Mayor of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.

Both communities are dealing with very similar issues as the pandemic disrupts everyday life and impacts on residents’ health and wellbeing. 

This week we were delighted to hear from the Mayor that despite the 3,000 or so miles between them the police forces of both Towns were able to work together and support an individual in need. We are keeping in touch with our American friends and will be developing the links between the communities.

Our thanks to Fleetwood Museum for giving a small group of local residents the chance to develop their creative talents next week. 

The group will spend a couple of hours using exhibits in the museum like The Harriet as inspiration for their paintings and sketches.

All the necessary COVID-19 social distancing precautions will be followed and the session will be led by local artist Heather Johnstone from Healthier Fleetwood’s popular ANON group. We look forward to showing off some of the work soon.

A great new page has been set up on Facebook. Fleetwood Free Items Only is helping people to find household goods and more and you’ve guessed it … they’re free!

Visit the page and join as a member to see what’s on offer and if have items you want to pass on to somebody else.

Until the next time ... Take Care and Stay Safe.



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