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GOOD NEWS: 11th September

The latest social-distancing guidelines due to come into force next week will mean disruption to what was just starting to feel normal again but the changes are for all our benefit. Recent months have demonstrated how strong our community is and if there are difficult times ahead, Fleetwood is in a good position to pull together again and make sure everyone has the support they need.

Here’s some of the lovely things we've heard about this week …

West Fleetwood Computer Clinic have been operating a service for local folk with computer problems for over 6 years. In more settled times they held regular ‘computer clinics’ but during lockdown they have also helped over 50 people stay connected with a ‘collect and drop off’ service. They also take donated computers and repurpose them for community groups and job-seeker use, so any offers of equipment are most welcome. Visit the Facebook page for more information, tips and advice and to contact Dave at West Fleetwood Computer Clinic.

It’s a big weekend for Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs as they formally launch their service, the first of it’s kind in the North West of England. From a base on The Promenade, they can now offer a small fleet of chairs designed to be light and manoeuvrable on sand and shingle and give access to the coastline for individuals with limited mobility.

The chairs will be available on Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th September between 10am and 4pm, then on a booking system in the weeks and months ahead. Volunteers will be on hand from the base by the café at Central car-park and further information is also available from the Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs website.

Are you a community organisation looking to give people the confidence to come back your activity? Or do you simply have a great idea to get your local community more active? Active Lancashire is hosting two on-line workshops, to give an overview of the Sport England ‘Tackling Inequalities Fund’.

The funding is for grass-roots and voluntary led groups who can offer physical activity to those most inactive; have a focus on working with people from low income, BAME, long-term health conditions and particularly those with disabilities; have identified a need for additional support in response to Covid-19. The workshops are taking place on 15th September at 4.30pm and 18th September at 12.30pm – places can be booked on the Active Lancashire website.

Healthier Fleetwood has of course always been about promoting physical and mental health, and connecting the community. Sometimes we will share other aspects of local life however for a wide range of information about the Town, a great resource is the Visit Fleetwood website.

Among the features are regular virtual walks along the coastline or around the Town Centre taking in the sights and passing on some fascinating facts about Fleetwood. Recent articles include a look at The Mount and demise of The Jacinta, Fleetwood’s iconic fishing trawler. Sadly the latter doesn’t have a happy ending but it's a terrific read all the same.

Lastly a word of thanks to the staff at our local schools as they’ve welcomed back students again over the last week or two.  It’s been a long, difficult Summer but Fleetwood’s teaching staff have risen to the challenge providing support and activities for the students and their families throughout and done all they can to make back to school experience as close to normal as possible. Well done to you all, and the children and parents too!

Until the next time ... Take Care and Stay Safe.



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