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The Euro 2024 Championships starts this evening with a game between the hosts Germany and Scotland. Many of you will be taking part in sweepstakes at work or within clubs, so JUST FOR FUN ... we're having a Fleetwood Community Groups sweepstake!

24 local groups have been picked at random and we've just drawn them out of a hat (actually a bucket) to match them with a Nation in the tournament.

The draw is ...

  • Albania will represent Fleetwood Gym Boxing

  • Austria will represent Happy Pets Food Bank

  • Belgium will represent Friendlier Fleetwood

  • Croatia will represent Just Sing at Fleetwood Methodist Church

  • Czech Republic will represent Wyre Wednesdays

  • Denmark will represent Alcohol Free Women

  • England will represent Blue Light & Bimble

  • France will represent The Chill Lounge

  • Georgia will represent Fleetwood Promenade parkrun

  • Germany will represent North Euston Hotel Tea Dance

  • Hungary will represent Fleetwood Wellbeing Way

  • Italy will represent Men's Shed Fleetwood

  • Netherlands will represent Behind Closed Doors Funding Page

  • Poland will represent Fleetwood In Bloom

  • Portugal will represent LPM Dance Fleetwood Fusion

  • Romania will represent Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs

  • Scotland will represent Wyre Flounders Adult Swimming

  • Serbia will represent Young @ Heart

  • Slovakia will represent Fleetwood Town Flyers Football Club

  • Slovenia will represent The Original Fleetwood Old Boys Band

  • Spain will represent Jars of Joy

  • Switzerland will represent Harmony & Health

  • Turkey will represent Wyre and Fylde Community Defibrillator Fundraising

  • Ukraine will represent Queen’s Crafty Knitters

So you can cheer for England but also support one of your favourite community groups AND we'll take the opportunity to give them some extra promotion during the next 4 weeks.

As we say, it's just for fun ... but we may find a little trophy for the winners too!



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