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We are very fortunate to have so many wonderful groups and organisations in the Fleetwood community and we also have some inspirational individuals ... such as Adam Diver.

In recent years he has been involved in a number of community projects including helping to set up the Fleetwood Community Triathlon Hub, undertaking the The Big Swim Team challenge to cross from the mainland to the Isle of Man and being part of the Fylde Coast Against Sewage campaign to improve the quality of our rivers and seawater.

As a former serviceman, Adam appreciates the balance between strong leadership and what can be achieved by working as a team. This afternoon he and his colleagues are at Westminster to present a case for a welfare check to ALL military personnel on leaving the forces. The brief will include: early intervention for poor mental health; a proactive approach to mental health; links to local services.

Adam is also a member of the GB Triathlon squad, flying the flag for Fleetwood at international competitions and is one of the Mental Health team at The Mount View Practice, supporting residents to improve their wellbeing.

He is a very deserving choice for Day 5 of our Community Advent Calendar.



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