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Advent Calendar Day 24

There is only one way to end our Advent Calendar and that’s to thank EVERYONE who makes a difference in the Fleetwood community.

Over the month we’ve featured just some of the amazing individuals, groups and organisations who support local residents to lead healthier and happier lives.

Every day you can read and hear about examples of the fantastic community spirit in the Town … like the volunteers hosting the FREE Christmas Day Dinner 2022 tomorrow, people taking the time to check if somebody sleeping rough is OK and at least has a bed and something to eat over the holidays, venues like our local churches opening their doors as Warm Spaces, and the many appeals and collections that will help make it a much better Christmas for so many.

These are difficult times and there will be more challenges ahead but Fleetwood is a resilient and caring community and will stick together, look after each other and look to the future … onward!



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