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Advent Calendar ... Day 23

As we near the end of our #AdventCalendar looking at some of the wonderful organisations, groups and individuals in the community, we'd like to thank one of our own today.

Pauline Kennedy is our chair of residents, a passionate supporter and great ambassador for Healthier Fleetwood and her story perfectly sums up our 3 principles of 'connecting', 'confidence' and 'control'.

Going back over 5 years Pauline heard about the formation of a new community partnership and came to one of the first Healthier Fleetwood meetings. She started to make changes to her lifestyle and diet, losing weight and getting involved in groups and activities like the fledgling Harmony & Health singers.

She also stepped forward to share her experiences and inspire others, attending conferences and events alongside health professionals and other residents.

Pauline took on the role of chairing our monthly Open meetings and does so with a lovely, light touch, gently moving the conversations along while always allowing people to share their opinions and ideas. She is always a good sounding board for ideas and takes an active role in seeing them progress.

Thank you Pauline, it's a pleasure having you in the team.



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