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Advent Calendar Day 22

The Wyre Flounders is a long-established and popular social-swimming group for adults who appreciate a quiet and calm environment while they exercise. This might be while they recover from an illness or operation, or because they are anxious - it's somewhere to improve fitness and mobility as well as to boost self-confidence and make friends.

They meet on Saturdays at YMCA Fleetwood from 5.00pm to 6.00pm. There is a small charge to attend, places are limited but you don't have to commit to attend every week, you can dip in and out!

As we approach the New Year it's the ideal time to find out more about the group and get involved, in fact a gentleman came into our Information Centre this week and took away a leaflet as it was just what he was looking for.

If you are interested, please telephone 01253 522232 to speak to the lovely Susan and she can tell you much more.



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