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Advent Calendar Day 16

On the day when the local schools will start to break up for the holidays we take the opportunity to thank all the staff - heads, teachers and assistants; administrators, cleaners, cooks, facility managers (caretakers in old money), minibus drivers, lollipop men and women, and even the school pets!

By creating a caring and safe environment for learning, the schools also encourage the children to dream big and have some fun. And with wellbeing so important it's also great to see the initiatives available, in and out of school hours, for children and young people who may need a little extra support.

In our GOOD NEWS bulletin this week we shared just a few of the many, many great ideas and events that begin in the classroom and at this time of year it's lovely to see the photos of nativity plays, concerts and social events.

We hope that all the staff enjoy their well-earned break and look forward to seeing what 2023 brings!



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