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Advent Calendar ... Day 15

From his house on the coast local resident Mick Gray often saw families unable to spend time together on the beach because one of them was in a wheelchair, and he set out to solve this problem.

Four years later Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs is an established, registered charity, something for the Town to be proud of and the focus on Day 15 of our Advent Calendar.

Mick's original idea was supported enthusiastically by his fellow members of Fleetwood Rotary and with Wyre Council, Fleetwood Town Council and Healthier Fleetwood as the founding partners, the service took shape.

There were some challenges along the way and without doubt the success of the beach wheelchairs has been down to Mick's passion and the commitment of the many volunteers who give up their time, rain or shine to help visitors make some amazing, priceless memories.

We can't recommend enough that you take a few minutes to visit the Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs page on Facebook to see more heart-warming photos, videos and comments.

You can also find out about the service on the website



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