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Following last week's Healthier Fleetwood Open Meeting, were delighted to share a poem from local resident Anne Ward, that she read out for us. She regularly contributes to the meetings, supports community events and is an enthusiastic member of the Wednesday crafting group at Fleetwood Library.

Anne takes her inspiration from what she sees and hears and this month's celebrates December but is also a cautionary tale about losing contact with those around us.

DECEMBER THE 12TH AVENGER … darker days, longer nights, cross winds, cold air, dim lights

The month within the shortest day is found the winter equinox

From October's end till the 21st day is the darkest time of year

When animals hibernate, migratory birds disappear

To raise their young in warmer more abundant climbs

We humans remain remember send presents talk of previous times

Of when in conversation they sat together looked at each other

Face to face in the same room

Had the politeness and respect for others to turn off all distractions

Concentrate on what was being said

Not like now still in the same room not talking barely listening

So engrosed in their mobile devices they hardly look up

Rarely nod their heads

When once people showed compassion

Now in many cases there is total oblivion with no regard for what's going on

Their only goal in life is to vanquish the latest foe on the computer game

Real life has no meaning, they are too busy streaming

I wonder what would happen if one day the technology was all turned off?

Would they expire or walk round aimlessly not knowing what to do next

When they no longer have their text

Some may wake up to reality and rejoin society

For those who are left totally bereft

For them the future will be dim dark days will ensue

Shadows will be black the pixel light that blinked will not be linked

The 12th avenger could be the last on they see

As it is covered with static electricity, sharp crackling and a screen of artificial snowy sea

December the 12th Avenger … darker days, longer nights, cross winds, cold air, dim lights



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