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Advent Calendar ... Day 12

The featured group on Day 12 of our Advent Calendar offers children and young people a great opportunity for exercise and to make new friends.

Highbury Morris Dancers were only formed in 2020 so have had to deal with the challenges of establishing themselves in the midst of the pandemic. They are a Morris Dancing troupe that compete throughout the year and offer training to all ages from 3 years old.

Number are always expanding, they currently have more than 70 dancers on their books and are looking to the future.

They are introducing a scheme in 2022 where you can come and attend practices for a month to see if you like it first. This applies to both new and experienced dancers that want to come back to Morris dancing.

At the moment the plan is to start practices again at Fleetwood High School on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

Check out the Highbury Morris Dancers page on Facebook or message them by email to if you would like any more information.



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