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The Bay: A Blueprint for Recovery was launched following the lockdowns of the pandemic and as the name suggests, it was all about using the local environment as a building block for better health and wellbeing.

Working from Cumbria down to Fleetwood they are supported by a number of partners to deliver a wide range of events and activities, on beaches, open spaces and in community venues - usually free and for all ages, and always interesting and enjoyable.

The Wyre based team is led by wellbeing officer Mike alongside a community engagement officer, Rachel is in post now, and a team of volunteers.

Numerous residents, and staff from local organisations, have taken part in the activities which include arts & crafts, bat & bird box-making, nature surveys, beachcombing, outdoor cooking and much more - all safely, expertly supervised by the friendly team.

There's two events coming up this week in Fleetwood ... Christmas Nature Crafts at Fleetwood Library on Wednesday 1pm - 3pm and a Shark Egg Case hunt and log on Thursday, 1pm - 3pm at Rossall Observation Tower.

For more details of these and other upcoming events, please see

We have an amazing coastline and natural surroundings in our doorstep, thank you to the The Bay: A Blueprint for Recovery for helping us discover enjoy these opportunities.

(As far as we know the hedgehog isn't a member of The Bay team but it's too cute not to be included!)



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