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Advent Calendar ... Day 11

We're very fortunate in this part of the World to have venues like the Winter Gardens and Blackpool Tower where people can enjoy ballroom dancing in beautiful surroundings, and you don't even have to travel that far!

Every Monday, the Marine Hall Fleetwood hosts a charming Afternoon Tea Dance.

These events have been running for several years and are very popular. Attendance is often over 100 but there's plenty of room to dance and meet others, and to enjoy the live musical accompaniment of the organist.

And even if you don't take to the floor yourself, you only have to watch the dancers for a few minutes to see the joy they get from being involved.

The forthcoming Christmas event on 20th December is nearly sold out but before that Monday 13th is available.

Tickets must be purchased at the venue Box Office in person, by phone to 01253 887693 or visit the Wyre Council website and of course ... keep dancing!



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