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We start our Community Advent Calendar for 2023 by highlighting one of Fleetwood's younger residents ... EVIE.

You may know Evie from her quick thinking earlier in the year. In April she helped a man unconscious in the street, running to call an ambulance and alerting the nearby fire station. She was recognised for her actions with a certificate from the emergency services.

We know Evie from a little further back … when she was just a toddler, she came into the library with her mum for the Healthier Fleetwood drop-ins, helping to share wellbeing information with other local residents.

And she’s growing up to be a caring young person as she’s now started Evie's Random Acts of Kindness on Facebook and is collecting for items to pass on to those in need

Thank you to Anna who nominated Evie for the Advent Calendar … another resident, group or venue from the Fleetwood community will be celebrated tomorrow.



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