Healthier Fleetwood has been approached by many residents in recent days regarding the closure of the pool and leisure facilities at the Town's YMCA centre and would like to share the following statement ...

We are working closely with Fleetwood and District Amateur Swimming Club and other members of the community to find a way to re-open the pool and the other facilities, safely and responsibly, as soon as possible.

Open and frank conversations with Wyre Council and YMCA Fylde Coast have started and it's clear that the health and safety regulations which will need to be in place for the future, will affect the attendance numbers and therefore the income. Running the Fleetwood facility is a significant challenge for the operators, we understand this but it does not alter the fact it leaves the Town without a pool and other leisure facilities at the very time they are needed most.

Dr Mark Spencer of Healthier Fleetwood said, "Swimming and exercise improves physical and mental health for everyone and the Fleetwood pool also offers valuable opportunities for those with a disability or low-self confidence to swim in a safe environment. Maintaining the facility is essential as the community looks to rebuild and grow in the months ahead.”

Along with Fleetwood Swimming Club it is our intention to continue the discussions and work with Wyre Council and YMCA Fylde Coast to find a positive solution and we welcome any interested parties to support our aims.

Please contact us by email to listening@healthierfleetwood.co.uk


Healthier Fleetwood is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the physical and mental health of the Town's residents by connecting them to each other, services and voluntary groups in the community. As an individual's confidence grows they take more control of their own wellbeing and an active role in the decisions that affect them. We are independent of but work in close partnership with the many organisations supporting the community.

Contact us by email: listening@healthierfleetwood.co.uk

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