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Healthier Fleetwood is about improving the health and well being of residents by encouraging individuals to take more control. There are lots of things that we can all do to keep ourselves well but what happens when we do become ill. This is when we turn to the NHS for care, help and support.

Even in a small town like Fleetwood there are a multitude of NHS services like the the GP practices, pharmacies, dental practices, a community nursing team, mental health services, physiotherapy and many others. The collective name for this initiative is the Fleetwood Primary Care Home and similar groups now exist all over the country.

Earlier this week Fleetwood received the title of Primary Care Home of the Year at the NAPC Awards. Staff and residents represented the group to collect the award at a ceremony in Birmingham.

Further information on Primary Care Homes can be found at and we'll be sharing more about the work of the local partners soon.


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