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In partnership with Active Lancashire, Regenda Homes are seeking proposals from local organisations to deliver a varied programme of activity focused on creating education / employment and training outcomes alongside improvements in health and wellbeing for unemployed Wyre residents aged 16 to 65 who are facing multiple barriers to active participation.

Further information below is provided by Regenda Homes


Regenda Homes, in collaboration with local partners, have developed and agreed a 10 Year

Regeneration Vision for Fleetwood. This Vision for Fleetwood’s neighbourhoods is about facilitating the transformation of people and place.

As a partner in the European Social Fund Programme, More Positive Together, with Active Lancashire, we are now in the second stage of delivery which is more focussed on providing interventions that provide free employment training, access to work experience, training opportunities, education around health and wellbeing and access to physical activity.

The programme is shaped around the client so there are no set time limits or stipulations on them having to complete minimum input/ hours. However, some of this may be agreed with the MPT Mentor and the client if they are engaging in any training or work experience placements. We would expect the organisation to work closely with the MPT Mentor and Co-ordinator at Regenda Homes throughout the duration of the project to monitor progress and outcomes.

Participants and location

The project will be delivered in Fleetwood, Thornton and Garstang areas with residents aged 16 to 65 who are unemployed and facing multiple barriers to participation, such as ex-offenders, substance misusers, people with mental health issues, homelessness or living in poverty.

The priority target group is residents of social housing and the More Positive Together Mentor at Regenda Homes will already have some clients who are ready to refer into the programme. We would expect the project to work with a minimum of 60 clients over the twelve month delivery period, approximately 15 – 20 a quarter.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a varied programme of activity for residents to participate in which is designed to improve their health and wellbeing and provide realistic pathways towards employment.​ We would expect the application to include how you are going to provide:

  • Client engagement

  • Customised interventions

  • Gaining skills and employment

  • Pre-employment support

  • Employment/ education/training routes

Outcomes and benefits

You will also need to show:

  • Commitment to evidence based practice, including clear documented links to methodology

  • Evidence of previous works and documented outputs/outcomes and impact including two

  • references

  • Monitoring and evaluation processes

  • Full costing allocation and budget

  • Confirmation of Liability Insurance

External monitoring and evaluation processes are in place for Regenda through quarter reports and through Active Lancashire through inputting data on Views. These will be discussed in detail with the successful organisation.


We have an allocation of £20,000 inclusive of VAT (if applicable) for the Project. We anticipate the successful organisation will commence the project by the end of October 2018 for the planning and engagement stage; ready to commence delivery from January 2019 to December 2019.


Applications will be reviewed by a panel which will include representatives from Regenda Homes, Healthier Fleetwood, Wyre Council and Active Lancashire.

The successful organisation will be informed by Friday 5th October 2018 and be invited in to confirm a formal Service Level Agreement.

Organisations who are not successful will be contacted and given feedback and will also have the opportunity to discuss other potential ways of working together.

Please email applications to Lisa Bennett at by Monday 1st October 2018, by 5 p.m.

If you would like an informal discussion about the project please email Lisa Bennett (Regeneration and Employment Officer) or ring her on mobile: 07587 770979


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