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Healthier Fleetwood is supporting a new sea angling group, being set up by residents, for residents and there's a meeting soon to find out more.

Local resident Steve stood up at one of our recent open meetings and told everyone about a condition called 'fishing-pox' which sees sufferers head out to the coastline in all weathers to enjoy their past-time but this is not just for experienced anglers. It's about young people, families and anyone who wants to try something new, enjoy the fresh air and improve their health & wellbeing.

Update August 2018: The first meeting to explain more was held in June - Steve and John did a great job explaining more about the enjoyment from angling, what's involved, and some tips about equipment and the importance of being a responsible user of the beach.

The next step is a further get-together on the beach to try casting and hopefully catch some fish! This will be Sunday 19th August at 4.30pm, meet in the car-park by the YMCA Fleetwood. Whether you can or can't attend the next session but want to know more about getting involved, email us using


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