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Fleetwood residents Pauline Kennedy and Pip share with us their volunteering role for Pets As Therapy ....

This is a nationwide charity which provides a volunteer visiting service, free of charge, to hospitals, care and nursing homes, schools and other organisations undertaken by temperament assessed dogs and cats. The volunteers who take their animals into establishments are not paid at all but give up their time to take their own pets into places.

Pip (my Bichon Frise/Maltese Terrier cross) and I have been visiting various places for 5 years now. Despite being the laziest dog in the world, he looks forward to his visits and as soon as I show him his special collar and lead he is up and waiting!

Over the years we have visited a local care home, and Charles Saer School and also were regular visitors at Trinity Hospice and Brian House. We have helped with people who are really scared of dogs to help them overcome their fears.

We currently are taking part in a scheme called Read2dogs. We go once a week to a local school and Pip listens to reluctant readers who seem to come on in leaps and bounds when they can read in a non-judgmental environment.

Pip is also available for cuddles if someone is upset or having problems at home.


To find out more about the wonderful work of Pets As Therapy please visit their website or follow them through Facebook. You can also telephone them at 01494 569130.


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