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Marine Hall at Fleetwood hosts a regular Monday afternoon tea dance. It's always a popular event, well attended and something to look forward to. The dance on Monday 3rd July was extra special with organist Mark Allen, cream tea included in the admission and the event extended by an hour.

The tea dance is a great example of an activity that combines some physical exercise with socialising, meeting old friends and making new ones, just the sort of thing we want to support through Healthier Fleetwood.

You can find out more about the Marine Hall tea dances on the venue's website.

Also at the tea dance was BBC Lancashire's John Gillmore presenting the first of his Summer Tour shows from locations around the County. Local GP, Dr Mark Spencer was one of the guest's interviewed on the show to explain more about Healthier Fleetwood and the importance of individuals taking control of their own health and wellbeing.

You can hear the interview on the BBC iPlayer, Mark's on from about 2 hours 40 minutes into the recording but if you have the time, why not listen to the whole show! (You will need to set up a BBC account for the iPlayer)


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