Thank you to Lisa, Gill and Marvin from C2 Connecting Communities for their support yesterday as around 16 members of Healthier Fleetwood had a walk round Warren Ward. This was the first stage in an exercise to map the assets and opportunities in the ward for future projects, identified and driven by residents.

John and his Mum at the Log Cabin welcomed us and let us use the Café for our Pre and Post Meeting. Steve Bird kindly took the lead and took us on a short tour of the ward explaining about the area, facilities like the Coast Guard Station, Sea Cadet Base, Boating Lake, Model Yacht Club, Churches, Schools, Pitch n Put etc.

Rev. Virgil Tountas from St Pauls Church had joined us on our walk and we were able to call into the Church Hall and have a look around. Back to the Log Cabin and the Team drew up a list of assets in the area we had discovered on our walkabout. It was also a good networking opportunity for all.

There will be a follow-up to the tour soon and we'll update you on the discussions following the walk soon.


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