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Better still if they use local ingredients like Fleetwood fish!


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Katharine Tate, the Food Teacher is an award winning nutritional therapist, radio presenter and author, and has been supporting Healthier Fleetwood from the start.


This month Katharine presents Coco Choc Mousse - a great dessert option for your Christmas celebrations.

Mary Shaw is a local resident who along with her husband David spends many hours volunteering within the Community, often as part of the Rotary Club. Mary also has a wonderful, infectious enthusiasm and believes that from an early age we should learn to cook and eat well wherever possible. Here's Mary's  haddock and pasta bake for 2:

Ingredients: 80 grams wholewheat fusilli (twirly pasta), 390 grams can of ASDA Ratatouille, 340 grams Haddock fillet

Use an oblong Pyrex dish about 3 inches deep and foil to cover.

  • Set oven to 180 degrees

  • Put pasta in dish, mix in ratatouille, rinse out tin with water add to pasta in dish. Stir, cover with foil.

  • After the dish has cooked for about half an hour uncover and stir, if the mix is too dry add more water.

  • When the pasta is almost cooked lay the of fish on the top.

  • Put foil back on bake for another 10-15 mins until fish is cooked.

  • Serve with French bread and enjoy!

Mary has also been looking at the savings you can make by preparing your vegetables rather than buying pre-prepared .... read more here.

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