We are living in challenging times and the power of community has rarely been so important.

Healthier Fleetwood was formed in early 2016 to make a connection between the Town's residents and with local support and services as a means to improve health and wellbeing. Fleetwood has some of the most deprived wards in the Country for health, education and income but it also has a resilience and sense of community bred into generations of no-nonsense, warm and wonderful people.  

Our role is to CONNECT individuals and groups, so they grow in CONFIDENCE and take more CONTROL over their health and the decisions that affect their lives. In more 'normal' times this was often nothing more than taking a moment to listen to somebody and help them to find their path, in other cases we have been instrumental in helping to set up groups and projects that are now an integral part of the Fleetwood community. 

We are independent of but work closely with the NHS, local authorities, businesses, the education, faith and voluntary sectors. The 'Healthier Fleetwood Partnership' is a pro-active forum where the member organsations are encouraged to work together in new and imaginative ways for the benefit of everyone living and associated with the Town. The success of this approach and its impact on health has been reflected in encouraging trends for GP and A&E visits by Fleetwood residents and also recognised by awards from the NHS and extensive, positive media coverage for the Town.

Social distancing restrictions have seriously disrupted the vibrant network of activities and events however we are working with our partners to prepare for what lies ahead - there is a tremendous desire in Fleetwood to build on the success of the past and create an even better future.


We started with a goal of connecting the community and we look forward to the opportunities to reconnect!


Thanks, we'll be in touch very soon.

You can write to us at: Healthier Fleetwood, c/o Health & Wellbeing Centre, Dock Street, Fleetwood FY7 6HP

Answerphone: 07399 093835 (We will return your call as soon as possible but this is not a 24 hour service)