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I was looking for something positive around getting a bit healthier and found out that Healthier Fleetwood were encouraging people to get involved. So we talked about some ideas I had, one of which was table tennis. We now have at table at the YMCA on Wednesday afternoons and  some new bats and balls so it's taken off really well. Since getting involved with Healthier Fleetwood, I've also now joined a table tennis league to improve. After all, practice makes perfect! I enjoy playing for fun and competitively as part of a team and I can do something positive around getting out and about, keeping healthy.

- Richard, Fleetwood resident

I wanted to volunteer as I'm currently studying to become a social worker, and wanted to do something that I can relate too with my study. I found Healthier Fleetwood on Facebook, and asked if I could help in anyway. After a meeting with them, I'm now a volunteer! I've set up a new games night event after listening to our community, and I'm really enjoying the experience. As part of my study at the moment, I'm looking at the Five Ways of Wellbeing - it's vital that our community has these activities and gets involved with what's available. I can't wait for it to grow even further. If you are thinking of volunteering or helping out I'd definitely recommend it.

- Leanne, Fleetwood resident

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