Dr Spencer says, “Hope, a sense of purpose and control over your own life    and your environment will bring major health benefits for individuals and the whole community. This is Health Creation.”

We talk about “The 3 C’s”. Connecting to others, gaining self-confidence and being in control  of your own life and your own decisions. There are already a number of NHS Services, local authority community projects, Fleetwood Town FC initiatives and self-help groups around that put some of this into practice. Walking Football is a great example. The first phase of Healthier Fleetwood is to connect people together using these existing things.

We want to know what really matters to you, rather than “what’s the matter with you”. This isn’t just about physical health but probably even more importantly about mental health and mental wellness. 


Healthier Fleetwood is in the news!

Our progress is being covered by the BBC across their TV  news channel and their digital platforms.

Reporters and film crews will be in Town regularly, meeting people involved in the project and seeing the results of the positive work going on.

We’ll let you know when and where to  see the features with links from this website and our social media. 


Connecting a Community

Our friends from the Middleport area, Stoke-on-Trent celebrated the first year of their own project with fabulous results. Their target was to clean up litter from the streets and improve the public spaces around their homes.

Along the way they did much more. Watch their video to see what happens when the Community comes together and the ‘done to’ become the ‘doers’.


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