The signs are good for new breastfeeding group

A group of mums from the Fleetwood area and have set up a new support group to promote the benefits of breastfeeding and to help change attitudes to the practice of nursing their babies in public.

In 2012 it was headline news when a sign was unveiled that read “Fleetwood … Where Breastfeeding Is Always Welcome” but 7 years on the subject still causes debate and so the mums decided to do something about it.

With the support of local agencies they began meeting before Christmas and from a modest start have now established the Breastfeeding Peer Support Group.  

The group now meet every Wednesday 11.30am to 1.30pm at the Milton Street Neighbourhood Centre, Blakiston Street, Fleetwood with staff from Children and Family Wellbeing Service, the Fleetwood surgeries Health Visitors team, Families & Babies Lancashire and Healthier Fleetwood dropping in to help where needed.

Rachael Dutton was an original member of the group attending during her pregnancy and now with her new-born daughter Emerson. She said, “I wanted to hear first hand from other nursing mums what it was like to breastfeed. I asked for help with setting up the group and now it is going from strength to strength. Meeting once a week means that we can all talk about that our experiences and if we need each other we also have our Facebook page “Breast Friends”. We offer help and advice for other issues when we can and have health care professionals there to signpost.”

Jill Broadhurst, senior practitioner for the Children and Family Wellbeing Service added, “The atmosphere in the room during the session is euphoric. The group is clearly a necessity as attendance are rising; mums sharing their experience and encouraging each other, understanding the journey to established and continued breastfeeding – the best start for baby and mum. Any mums-to-be or those already feeding baby, are welcome to attend, partners too!”

For further information on the group telephone (01253) 741117 or see the Facebook page.


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