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Oh How I Wish - A poem by Ann Ward

Oh how I wish I could catch the lantern

His reflection is so striking when he hovers over the Tarn

When I jump in to be with him he disappears

His silvery strands trickle down the river

May be I will catch him as he passed the barn

I offered him a robe a ring a ransom from a king even my new leather boots .

He said the chocolate brown colour wasn't to his taste

He's absolutely wonderful glowing at night

If he would consent to be with me I would be happy as a sprite

Try as I might to give him a present by hook or by crook I'd even risk prison

But that radiant lantern up in the night sky won't let me catch him

It brings a tear to my eye

He I must be content to revel in his beams

His light is for all

He is the lantern of everyone's dreams

Ann Ward is a Fleetwood resident, a passionate and talented poet and a great advocate for the spirit of a Healthier Fleetwood. She has helped to run a creative-writing group at Fleetwood Library and is one of the residents involved in the NHS Creative Voice project - looking at the challenges of communication with and within the NHS. Ann has written and read several of her poems at our meetings and events.



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