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GOOD NEWS - 28th October

It hasn’t been the best of weather so far for the Half Term holidays and with the Halloween celebrations underway.

We’ve opened our new Wellbeing & Community Information Centre at Affinity for an extra day this week, and been able to meet more residents and visitors.

There have been plenty of questions about Halloween activities for families and a reminder that Affinity, Fleetwood Market and Memorial Park are among those hosting themed events.

On Tuesday we were delighted to welcome local creative artist Tina Dempsey and her Wondrous Box of Boxes!

This fun workshop invited people to open up a box and try the craft activity or challenge inside, and it proved to be a very enjoyable morning for us and all those taking part.

You can ‘open the box’ for yourself at a number of locations and events in and around Fleetwood soon including …

… The Sanctuary Space at Marine Hall Gardens from Wednesday 10th to Sunday 14th November.

This is a large, traditional marquee, offering a place to feel safe and supported, creative and entertained, to talk and be listened to and a space to feel hopeful and be entertained. The space is divided into 3 areas: The Art and Support Zone, The Sanctuary Street Exhibition Zone and The Sanctuary Stage Zone.You'll enjoy live musical and comedy entertainment, workshops and talks, and the chance to meet with some of the organisations working in the community.

The event is presented by Wyre Council and their partners - tickets are FREE!

Lancashire Adult Learning’s program of FREE Health & Wellbeing courses for November is now available.

All courses are online and are open to anyone living in Lancashire aged 19 and over. The line-up includes the new course 'Introduction to Nutrition & Cookery' on Tuesday 23rd November and coming soon are the Christmas special courses!

Local groups may want to consider a bid to the People’s Health Trust.

The two main focuses of the Trust are supporting and funding:

- resident-led projects in neighbourhoods experiencing disadvantage and most affected by health inequalities.

- projects which connect groups of people who face additional barriers to good health due to discrimination and inequality.

Check out the criteria for applying here - bids should be submitted by 3rd November.

Congratulations to Men’s Shed Fleetwood for opening of their newly refurbished headquarters this week.

The Manor Road premises will now begin to welcome residents' groups and organisations to use the facilities as part of the network of venues reopening again to support the community.

The Fleetwood Trust’s forthcoming AGM will include a progress report and update on their plans for the Town’s former hospital building.

The AGM will be held at Fleetwood High School on Thursday 25th November from 3.30pm. All welcome, appropriate hygiene protocols will be in place.

Lastly a reminder we have our own meeting coming up soon.

The next Healthier Fleetwood Open Meeting is on Wednesday 3rd November, 6.30pm at Emmanuel at The Mount. Please join us to hear from many of the wonderful community groups and projects and also to share your ideas for something new.

Until the next time, take care.



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