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Advent Calendar Day 8

With the World Cup reaching its latter stages the excitement is growing but whether or not football does come home, the game is strong at grassroots level so today on our Advent Calendar we are pleased to feature Fleetwood Gym Juniors Football Club.

Children, boys and girls, from Reception Year upwards can play the game for fun and for competition in a safe, supportive and friendly environment under the guidance of the Club’s FA Qualified coaches. The Development Sessions for the youngest players on a Wednesday evening at Fleetwood High School is particularly popular.

The players can improve their skills on the pitch but also grow in self-confidence and their effort and teamwork is recognised just as much as their goals, tackles and saves when it comes to choosing a Player of the Week.

The Club believes that every child matters, regardless of their ability.

They also encourage parents to play an active role, many coach or help with the teams, as well we of course supporting their children - even there it is about support and not pressure.

We’ve been delighted to meet and speak with officials from the Club and find out more about how they play the game and look after future generations of players.

For further information on Fleetwood Gym FC please see their Facebook page or we can put you in touch through Healthier Fleetwood.



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