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Advent Calendar Day 6

Today on our Advent Calendar we focus on an organisation still relatively new to the community but already making a positive impact on the lives and prospects of younger residents.

Fleetwood Youth Hub based at the Fleetwood Hospital building on North Albert Street, has welcomed dozens of 18 to 24-year-olds since opening a few months ago. They provide advice and support to gain employment, training and life-skills courses, opportunities for volunteering and above all a safe, friendly environment where visitors can talk and connect.

The staff and volunteers work closely with partners in Fleetwood including the Prince's Trust team from Fleetwood Fire Station and mental health professionals from the Fleetwood PCN. They also host a number of innovative sessions like the recent 'Mindset Mission' with Hannah from HCH limited- Let's Evolve Together.

For the festive season there’s a Jobs Raffle - the more jobs a person applies for, the more tickets they have for the raffle drawn at a Christmas Party on the 21st December.

These are all great initiatives that engage and involve young people and are also just good fun!

Find out more about the Fleetwood Youth Hub on their Facebook page, call 07483 041028 or drop in Wednesday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Well done and thank you to everyone involved.



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