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Advent Calendar ... Day 3

Swimming is a great way to support your health and wellbeing, exercising the whole body and helping to boost self-confidence.

The Wyre Flounders is for adults who enjoy their swimming in a quiet and relaxed environment ... and they are featured on Day 3 of our Advent Calendar.

It’s the ideal group for individuals who may suffer from anxiety, is coping with illness or recovering from surgery.

They meet every Saturday afternoon, from 5pm to 6pm at the YMCA Fleetwood and there is a small charge to cover the private pool hire and a lifeguard.

Originally formed by Val and Keith Earnshaw as far back as 1992, The Flounders are now looked after by the lovely Susan, supported by volunteers like June, keeping in touch with everyone, sending birthday cards and being there as friends.

Through the occasional dips in membership and of course the challenges of COVID which saw the pool closed for over a year, the group has kept going and since restarting in May, the numbers attending each week have been encouraging.

If you’d like to know about The Wyre Flounders and join them for a quiet swim, please contact us at Healthier Fleetwood and we’ll pass on your details.



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