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Healthier Fleetwood was delighted to present an afternoon of dance at Marine Hall to support health and wellbeing.

Several residents and partner organisations had suggested dance, music and movement as an excellent way for people to be more active, physically and mentally, and to make new friends. Local dance groups and teachers came together to offer taster sessions in a number of styles and encourage residents to take up a new pastime.

The event started with the 'home team', a 30 minute tea dance led by many of the residents who attend the regular Monday afternoon dances and accompanied at the organ by Ian Midgley.

Next up were Jen and Becky from Dance Syndrome who offer opportunities for people with and without disability to share a love of dance, work and perform together. They led an energetic and fun session that had just about everyone up and moving along to songs like '500 Miles'.

Kirsty Bennett is an internationally trained teacher of the Argentine Tango, a very dramatic form of dance. She led a group lesson that took us up to a break from the dance to enjoy the singing of the Harmony & Health group who meet at Marine Hall every Tuesday afternoon.

Hot foot from performing at the Blackpool Carnival earlier in the day, Skool of Street were on next and it was great to see people of all ages having a go during this part of the event.

Emily Simpson is starting up a Tap teacher having trained in this and other forms of dance. No tap shoes required as Emily got people pointing their toes and putting on the style!

Last but by no means least it was Noches de Salsa. Allan and Carol led a session to demonstrate how much fun salsa can be and a great form of exercise.

Many people in the room had been with us from the start and still found the energy to join in with the salsa at the end!

Over the afternoon nearly 200 people came along, most had a go at at least one dance and everyone had a very enjoyable afternoon. The plan is now to follow up this event with local classes supported by Healthier Fleetwood to encurage residents to "keep on dancing!"


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